Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 78 - Recliner Capacity of Bassets

"Recliner Capacity Bassets"
© Lisa Northrup (2013)


How many bassets can fit in one recliner? 
Apparently two - albeit it doesn't look real comfortable.
My silly boys.

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  1. I ran across you on the MakeSomething365 blog. I have THREE bassets, one lemon boy, one mostly brown and a little white boy and the tri colored queen of them all. They are McGee, DiNozzo and Chloe. (She came before Ziva.)

    I just got my 365 journal yesterday and am so excited to start this wonderful journey.

    The Swissy in my name referrs to my beloved Greater Swiss Mt Dogs, whom I lost two of in the last two years. The bassets have just filled in somehow......but you know how that is.

    I love your creativity, and hope to be as wonderful in the next year!